Charle Rollins Fitness


CRF Athletics is a full-service lifestyle & sports performance approach located in Redlands, California. We were established in Loma Linda, California in 2009 and opened our doors at our Redlands location in May 2016.

We specialize in all areas of sports performance such as:
  • Strength & Power,
  • Speed & Agility,
  • Balance, Stability & Flexibility,
  • Personal Training,
  • Group & Team Training classes.
We have teamed up with Redlands Spine and Sport to provide additional services such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Sports Nutrition and Massage Therapy. Together we provide a multi-purpose facility that allows athletes to perform at an optimal level. We pride ourselves in offering our local athletes, as well as individuals in our local community, the tools to live a well-rounded, holistic lifestyle.

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or someone in between, we will help you reach your highest performance potential.


Charles Rollins, CPT

Owner | Master Trainer
Sports Nutrition Coach

Charles Rollins is owner/founder of Charles Rollins Fitness. He has over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry and is highly knowledgeable about biological psychology and the effects of nutrition and physical training on brain function. His background as a competitive athlete led him into pursuing his vision for CRF and utilizing his dynamic skills as a personal trainer. In 2016, Charles was able to expand and fulfill his vision by opening up his own facility—CRF Athletics, which is an exclusive sports medicine and performance-based training facility located in Redlands, CA. In an industry that is constantly changing, Charles’ distinct style has allowed him to thrive and continually grow all while keeping up with the latest in performance-based training and nutrition.

Michael Andres, USAW-CPT

Strength/Conditioning Coach
Director of Marketing

Mike is a Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as one of our group class instructors at CRFA. He is also the Director of Marketing at CRFA. He started with Charles in 2009 and quickly learned the distinct CRF style. He specializes in Strength and Conditioning and H.I.I.T. training. Although Mike is a Personal Trainer, he works to continually get better daily on his own individual fitness journey. Clients find it easy to connect to him because they see that although he is trainer, he is also a client. Because Mike has been able to change his life through fitness and performance, he has a passion for helping others to do the same. He loves to see people succeed in all areas of their lives.

Megan Brown, MPH

Group Instructor

Megan is a Health Educator with a flare for fitness. She has been a personal trainer and group class instructor for CRF and CRF Athletics for the past 4 years. She is a beast of a trainer! She will motivate you to push past your limits at the same time commending you for your efforts. Just like Mike, she is also a product of CRF. She is well respected by her clients because although she will challenge you in your workouts, she will never put you through something that she would not be able to do herself. If she is not teaching the class, there is a good chance she is taking it. Megan’s personal dedication to her clients and to her performance has been an instrumental part in the growth of CRF.